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Share User Evaluation with your network and earn up to $300 per post and up to $1000 for each referral you make.
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For Trusted Colleagues & Smaller Creators

Offer your network a 25% discount & earn up to $1,000 on their monthly subscription

Earn up to $1,000 for each referral

For every new User Evaluation customer you refer, you’ll receive 25% of their monthly subscription compounding every month. Earn up to $1,000 for each referral you make.

Give your network a 50% discount

Your network will get a 50% discount on their User Evaluation Personal and Plus plans.

How to get started

To participate you simply need to login to User Evaluation and click on the gift icon within the product to generate your unique link and store your personal payout information. Once you have the link, share it with your friends, in Slack groups, LinkedIn, or place it in your link-in-bio on Instagram and TikTok.
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For Tech Influencers

Share your User Evaluation experiences and earn up to $300 per insightful post.

Freedom to post

We trust your judgement on what your audience needs to know. Feel free to post about User Evaluation alone or in conjunction with other tools. Before posting content solely about User Evaluation, always contact Remember to mention & tag User Evaluation prominently in all posts and include your unique referral link in order for the post to be eligible for the impression scheme.

Transparent reward structure

Monetize your influence! Earn $100 for every 20k organic impressions on a post mentioning or tagging User Evaluation. The reward is capped at $300 for exclusive posts and $100 for posts involving other tools. For X threads, the first post in the thread should mention User Evaluation. All posts or threads across platforms have to include your unique referral link through which you can additionally earn up to $1000 for each sign-up.

Get started today

If your audience is involved in Product Management, UXR, AI/GPT, Sales, or Customer Success you're eligible. To apply, please email your personal information (name, full postal address, company name if applicable) along with your social media links to
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Frequently Asked Questions

Read common questions about the Ambassador Program

Everything you need to know about User Evaluation's Ambassador Program.
How do I create my unique referral link?
Our referral program powered by Cello makes it easy for you to create your unique referral link. Simply log into User Evaluation and copy your unique referral link from the gift icon widget. In the same widget you can also enter your payout information (payouts via PayPal or Venmo). Your affiliate link will never expire. Furthermore, there's no time limit for your referees. Even if they become Personal/Plus customers after several months, they'll still be counted as your referral.

If you have any questions or any suggestions regarding our program, reward structures, or payouts feel free to provide your feedback to
How many posts about User Evaluation can I make, and what criteria should they meet?
You can post up to 2 compensated articles related to User Evaluation each month. Should you decide to post more, you can choose which ones to invoice at the end of the month. Before posting any content solely about User Evaluation, always contact Posts should:

• Embed User Evaluation in a relevant context, such as: new AI Tools, UX tools, customer insights and understanding, productivity tools, etc.
• Highlight core features of User Evaluation like transcription, AI insights, AI chat, AI report, AI presentation, or our clips.
• Avoid mentioning any competitors to User Evaluation
• Be genuine, showcasing the utility of User Evaluation in your work
• nclude your unique referral link and the 50% discount on Personal/Pro plans your followers can get
How do I get paid for posts I make?
Most creators typically wait a few days after posting to allow their content to accumulate impressions. When you feel that your post has gathered a sufficient number of impressions, you can send the post link along with a screenshot that provides proof of the impressions you've accumulated to Together, we will determine the final compensation based on our model, which offers $100 for every 20,000 impressions. For instance, a post that garners 50,000 impressions will earn a compensation of $200 USD. The payout of the impressions will be facilitated via your PayPal or Venmo account you have stored in the gift widget. The payment of the referral rewards will happen over time when individuals sign-up through your link.

Please note that we pay for each post once. Our policy is to settle payouts within 72 hours of receipt. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to always contact
How can I best promote my unique referral link on various platforms?
If you're active on platforms like Slack, search for keywords that User Evaluation addresses, such as “AI for Research” or “Research analysis”. Recommend User Evaluation in relevant threads and share your link. On social media platforms like LinkedIn,, Slack, and TikTok, post about User Evaluation's benefits and share how it helps in your specific use cases. Include your unique link in posts, videos, or your bio. You can also share the link with friends and family via WhatsApp.