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Features of User Evaluation

Get deeper customer insights with precision

User Evaluation uses AI to analyze, visualize and find trends in your customer conversations – at no cost.

Dive deep into your customer data with our AI tools

Analyze audio, video, text and tabular data, get auto-tagged transcripts, AI-generated reports and presentations and much more
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Uncover hidden problems

Discover insights overlooked in customer calls, chats, and other channels.

Derive meaning

Instantly tag transcripts with AI. Extract meaning from any customer data you upload.

Share insights quickly

Easily share insights, clips, and AI-generated findings with your team using User Evaluation.

Accurate transcription

Accurately transcribe all your audio and video files in minutes.

Support for over 57 languages

User Evaluation supports transcription and other AI features in more than 57 languages.

Speaker labels

Get speaker labels automatically to better understand conversations.
AI-Generated Insights

Grounded AI insights

Gain actionable insights from the data you upload. All insights come with sources.

Insight templates

Use our fine-tuned templates to get accurate AI insights.

Kanban collections

Collect insights on a Kanban board and share them with anyone using a public link.


Quickly generate, annotate, and download clips from your media files.

Highlight context

Highlight the source of insights in your input data to get contextual understanding.

Play source content

Play the source of insights from audio and video files, to get the full picture.

Manually modify insights

Did the AI miss the mark? You can manually add or delete insights.

Speaker map

Get an accurate speaker map with utterances for easier navigation.

Easy-to-use viewer

Our easy-to-use insights and transcript viewer helps you visualize trends faster.

Sentiment Analysis

Effortlessly interpret the sentiment in audio and video files, identifying customer mood trends.

Automatically record meetings

Automatically record sessions, ensuring no detail is missed, and access organized post-meeting insights.
AI-Generated Tags

AI-generated tags

Get accurate AI-generated tags based on your custom instructions.

Manual tagging

Manually select text and tag important content so that you never lose anything important.

Tag collections

Collect all your tags in a collection, and re-tag by moving cards.

Use User Evaluation's AI to understand your customers faster – for free.

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Effortlessly present customer data and save time doing it

Use AI to generate comprehensive reports, presentations, insight collections and clips using all your customer data.
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Share insights in minutes

Easily share insights with your team, whether through reports, PowerPoint presentations, or other formats.

Create meaningful reports

Leverage AI models to go through customer conversations, and create meaningful reports ready for sharing.

Organize your insights

Curate the most relevant insights. Share them via public links or export to popular apps such as Mural or Miro.
AI-Generated Reports

AI-Generated Reports

Based on all the data you upload to the project, you can generate shareable AI reports in seconds.

Data visualizations

AI crafts dynamic reports with charts, tables, and visuals, turning complex data into compelling insights.

Intuitive Report Editor

AI sets the stage, but your human touch perfects it. Use our robust editor to tailor reports for coherence.

Present online or offline

You can download your insights in a PDF format or share them effortlessly using a universally accessible public link.


White-labeling lets you stamp your brand's identity on every report and public link shared. This feature comes with all paid plans.
AI-Generated Presentations


Guide the AI with your instructions, and it'll craft presentations aligned with your story.

Generative Charts

User Evaluation turns your data into clear, AI-powered visuals that captivate your audience.

PPTX Exports

Seamlessly export your presentation in PPTX format, ensuring cross-device compatibility. This makes sure the final deck resonates perfectly with your audience.
Clips and Collections


Select text to create, annotate, and download clips from your transcript.

Collect Insights

Create collections of insights on a Kanban board. This allows you to easily review insights you have gathered.


You can export or share Collections via a public link.

With User Evaluation, you can present customer insights using AI—at no cost.

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Use a Multimodal AI Chat to uncover hidden problems

Our AI chat platform masterfully processes all types of input files and delivers structured, visual-rich responses, setting a benchmark in customer data analysis.
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Find hidden problems

The AI Chat uncovers often overlooked issues within your customer data.

Consolidate insights

Ask AI Chat to summarize or compile your project's customer data.

More than just insights

Ask AI Chat for feature suggestions or solutions to identified challenges.
Multimodal AI Chat

Add any data

User Evaluation's AI Chat seamlessly processes diverse inputs—audio, video, text, or CSV.

Contextual understanding

AI Chat offers context-rich insights, drawing from your entire project data for precise results.

Data visualizations

Our AI Chat converts intricate data into clear tables, flowcharts, and graphs for informed decisions.


Championing accuracy, our AI Chat not only provides insights but also cites its sources.

Experience multimodal AI chat with User Evaluation—at no cost.

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