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Ask questions about your sessions

Do you have questions about the insights generated from your customer data? Our AI assistant can provide additional context and clarification on any point.

Get responses with sources

When you ask a question about a specific aspect across your data, User Evaluation AI assistant will find the right answer and provide you with the relevant citations.

Generate data visualizations

You can use the chatbot to quickly generate bar charts, flow charts and tables. Data visualizations allow our users to quickly understand customer insights and make better product decisions.
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How to use the AI Chat

Using the AI Chat is easy! Simply navigate to the AI Chat tab on your project and type your question into the chat box. Our AI assistant will then provide a response within seconds.

You can also use the chat to ask follow-up questions or request additional information. AI Chat remembers what you said and is 'pretty' good at coming up with new ideas.
Frequently Asked Questions

Read common questions about AI Chat

Everything you need to know about User Evaluation's AI Chat
How much does AI chat cost?
AI chat comes with every plan, even the free one. Keep in mind that using AI chat consumes credits, and the service will stop working once you've used up all your credits.
Is it free?
Yes, AI chat is part of the free plan, allowing you to give it a try. Keep in mind that using AI chat consumes credits, and the service will stop working once you've used up all your credits.
How is User Evaluation AI Chat different from ChatGPT?
While both User Evaluation AI Chat and ChatGPT offer a more conversational approach to interacting with generative AI, the key distinction lies in context. User Evaluation AI Chat incorporates the context of all customer interactions within a project, facilitating a more intuitive exchange with the AI and refining responses through ongoing engagement. Moreover, the User Evaluation AI Chat decides how to respond based on your ask (e.g., it can respond in text, graph or table etc). As a partner of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, User Evaluation utilizes the GPT-4 language model (among many others) in its platform. However, User Evaluation AI Chat specifically targets the analysis of customer conversations, setting it apart from ChatGPT.
How do AI chatbots work?
AI chatbots employ technologies like natural language processing (NLP), deep learning algorithms, and text-to-speech software to accurately interpret user intentions and provide relevant responses. By utilizing extensive datasets containing common questions and answers, chatbots develop their conversational comprehension. This process allows chatbots to analyze user input, deduce its meaning, and formulate suitable responses.
What is Conversational AI?
Conversational AI encompasses the creation of advanced computer systems adept at engaging in human-like interactions through natural language. As this AI technology gains traction, it finds applications in areas such as research, customer service, and support. By employing natural language processing (NLP), deep learning algorithms, text-to-speech software, and voice recognition technology, conversational AI systems strive to emulate human dialogues seamlessly.
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