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Qualitative research conducted, analyzed, and summarized by AI

User Evaluation's AI Researcher conducts customer interviews for you, and summarizes responses into insightful and actionable reports.

Set up your AI-led research study

Work alongside AI to craft a detailed interview plan, from screener to script. All you need to start is a single text prompt.
Define the participant filters, length, introduction, conclusion, and key focus areas of your interviews.
Choose who you want to engage with for meaningful insights. Bring your own participants or use our pool of participants.

Launch your AI-curated interviews

AI conducts audio interviews, ensuring a natural and engaging conversation.
The AI agent will follow the script, and ask follow-up questions based on initial responses to explore deeper insights.
All the participants interviewed have to go through the screener to be able to participate.

Analyze findings with the help of AI tools

Access transcripts and summaries immediately after each interview.
Receive reports with AI insights and detailed analyses of key themes and sentiments.
View insights through clear, impactful visual data presentations.

Easily share insights and drive decisions

Automatically generate detailed reports that combine insights from all interviews, crafted by AI for clarity and impact.
Create compelling PPTX presentations directly from your data, featuring intuitive data visualizations that highlight key findings.
Effortlessly share your research with stakeholders through customizable formats that cater to diverse audiences.
AI-Curated Interviews

User Researcher on Demand

User Evaluation uses AI to conduct customer interviews at scale, then analyze, visualize and find trends in your customer conversations.

Compliant & secure

User Evaluation is compliant with SOC 2 Type II and GDPR  (certification pending)

Human-like conversation

Participants in the call feel like they're talking to another human.

AI interviews that dig deep

User Evaluation's AI Researcher follows-up based on user responses.

Dive right in

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